Experienced teachers

“Tom and Dante hit it off marvellously well from the start. My son had great respect for Tom and improved dramatically in a very short time. When they started tuition, Dante was about to fall to intermediate level and had failed two NABs in English. But Tom managed to guide my son through all the tests so that before the highers, Dante was confident.”

Roxana Preda, Higher English, B in final exam

•    Experts in course syllabus

“Passed entrance test to Hutchesons’ Grammar School. Excellent tutor, had good rapport with my son and worked at his pace. Made maths more fun for him.”
Saman Khan, Independent School Entry exam, pass.

•    Empathetic teaching approach

“Shona proved herself to be an excellent tutor to our son.  We all found her to be very encouraging but realistic and honest and always with a sense of humour.  My 15yr old is hard to communicate with at the best of times but Shona managed to break through the ‘teenage barrier’ and build a very sound relationship. We would not hesitate to use her again or  recommend her to friends.”
Maya Rousen, Standard Grade Maths (Averaging 4 prior to tuition, 2 in final exam

•    Exam focus

“Carlijn was excellent. Very organised, a good teacher, patient but firm, flexible regarding times and meeting places, and extremely pleasant. She definitely rescued Ella from failing her German.”
Fiona Carmichael, Standard Grade German averaging 4 prior to tuition, 2 in final exam

•    Excellent results

“Daniel received an A for his maths in intermediate 2. Nicola did an amazing job to give him the confidence and skills to achieve this mark as he had been performing poorly prior to her involvement, he attained 27% in his prelim.”
Alyson Brown, Higher Maths, A in final exam

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